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Trailer Install Kit

  • DeckTred

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    These tiles will cover the entire trailer floor and the ramp(s). Yes, they are durable. No, carbides don’t hurt them.

  • Traction Cleats

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    These are optional, but recommended. They help your track/tires grip as you drive up your ramp. If you have shorter steep ramps, I’d get some. If your ramp is long and gradual, you’ll be fine.

  • Transition Strip (Per Linear Foot)

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    These are needed to transition your ski’s onto the product. You will need 3 strips per ramp (1 for bottom, 1 for top of ramp, 1 on box of the trailer) The length of each strip is determined by the width of your trailer/ramp) Don’t worry, we calculated this for you.

  • Hardware Kit

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