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DeckTred – Make It Yours

Comes in multiple colors, and customizable to your pattern of choice. DeckTred is a floating floor, so it does not require special fasteners. Each tile interlocks together to secure itself. Surface is divided which allows water to run through and drain out, which limits build up and always keeps surface dry. Cleaning is a breeze with a broom, shop vac, or blow it out with air.

What Our Customers Say

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We have the strongest product in the industry that fixes the problem of slippery falls and worn out trailer floors.

With extensive years of use and R&D testing, DeckTred is proven to hold up against the toughest of conditions.

Our Best Sellers!

  • DeckTred

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    $3.85 Select options

    These tiles will cover the entire trailer floor and the ramp(s). Yes, they are durable. No, carbides don’t hurt them.

  • Diamond Plate Aluminum Trim (Per Linear Foot)

    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Traction Cleats

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    These are optional, but recommended. They help your track/tires grip as you drive up your ramp. If you have shorter steep ramps, I’d get some. If your ramp is long and gradual, you’ll be fine.

  • Transition Strip (Per Linear Foot)

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    These are needed to transition your ski’s onto the product. You will need 3 strips per ramp (1 for bottom, 1 for top of ramp, 1 on box of the trailer) The length of each strip is determined by the width of your trailer/ramp) Don’t worry, we calculated this for you.